Stoke-on-Trent No.2 Group

The Group Standard when paraded is the senior standard on parade for a Group parade. Like the County Standard its meaning is simple, that the Group Chairman is on the parade and that it cannot be paraded for any other occasion, except a County parade where it is subservient  to the County Standard which means that the County Chairman is on parade as well as the Group Chairman.

Stoke-on-Trent No.2 Group acts as a communications channel between the County and our Branches which are the lifeline of the Legion and the volunteers that run them work tirelessly to raise funds and provide welfare support whilst offering a social focus for their members to meet.

Groups also play a key role in the recruiting and retention of members from within their local community’s and help raise the profile of the RBL at parades and public events.

Caption: Charging The Standard New Group 2 Standard Bearer Geoff Marsden receiving the Charge from Group 2 Chairman Bob Rankin. Group President Major John Bamford MBE JP looks on.

Within North Staffordshire we have a large network of Branches.

A full listing of Branches within the No.2 Group Stoke-on-Trent area can be found on our Group Branches and Clubs page and where regular meetings are held. Anyone requiring details of these Branches please contact the County Office or the particular Branch Secretary where listed.

Group 2 meets on a quarterly basis at the London Road Stoke Social Club. All members are welcome for further details email Group 2 Chairman Bob Rankin