THREE members of Stafford College’s Uniformed Services Army Cadet Force have been awarded Branch Certificates of Appreciation as a unique memento of special duties they performed for the Queen.

Claire Cunningham, Natasha Love and Timothy Gough, 18, were chosen as standard bearers when the Queen visited Stafford as part of the 800th birthday celebrations in March.

Having done a great job on the day, the trio were awarded Branch certificates of appreciation by the Stafford Branch of Royal British Legion in North Staffordshire at the May Dinner Dance.

Claire, Natasha and Timothy were completing the second year of their uniformed services course at Stafford College when they were invited to act as standard bearers for the official visit.

The course is aimed at people who hope to break in to careers in one of the uniformed services and learners also have the opportunity to gain additional practical experience in the cadet force.